Project 1 – Monthly Grocery Parcels For The Poor

Commenced in September 2012. Make and distribute 30 standard grocery parcels on a monthly basis at a budget of R100.00 per parcel. Distribute these food parcels to needy persons and families within the Bezuidenhout and surrounding communities.

Project 2 – Extra Tuition For Underprivileged School Children

Provision of extra tuition for secondary school pupils on Saturday mornings at the Kensington Community Church. Tuition is provided in Mathematics by volunteers from the community.

Project 3 – Collection & Distribution Of Clothing To The Poor

An ongoing project depending on the goodwill of the public. Clothing items are collected, sorted according to gender and age and then distributed to the needy in the community.Donated clothing items can be dropped off during office hours at the KCF Church, 192 – 7th Avenue, Bezuidenhout Valley or at the KCF Church office, 1st Floor, 74 Broadway, Bezuidenhout Valley.

Project 4 – Year End Grocery Hampers For The Poor

Commenced in December 2012. Our target is to make and distribute 150 food hampers annually at a budget of R100.00 per parcel to residents of Max Goodman Park in Bezuidenhout Valley.

Future Projects

Project 5 – Basic Computer Training

Plan to set up an adult Computer Training centre once we have secured a reasonable amount of computers and a suitable venue.

Project 6 - Counselling & Career Guidance

To The Community. To commence once we have identified and secured the services of a professional career guidance counsellor.

Project 7 – Community Support Group

To commence once we have identified and trained volunteers that are competent to counsel needy folk in the community.