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About Us

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aboutWe are a community based organisation, conducting various community upliftment projects in the Kensington and Bezuidenhout Valley area. We are a legal entity established on 23rd February 2012 with NPO and PBO status. Contributions made to the organisation are tax deductible as well.

Currently we have embarked on the following projects: Monthly grocery parcels for the poor, extra tuition for underprivileged school children, collection & distribution of clothing to the poor. Future projects we wish to embark upon are basic computer training, year-end grocery hampers for the poor, counselling and career guidance to the community.

Misson, Vision and Objectives

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missionOur Mission

Our Mission is to provide support to widows, orphans, street children, pensioners and to those infected with and affected by HIV Aids within the community that have practical needs and do not have the means to fulfil these needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a community based organisation that is a sanctuary of hope for widows, orphans, street children, pensioners and those infected with and affected by HIV AIDS

Our Objectives

a) The specific purpose of the organisation is to bring hope to the hopeless in times of need.

b) To acquire and administer such movable and immovable property as may be necessary to fulfil the above objectives.

c) To raise funds, food and clothing and redistribute these to the needy.

d) To acquire and assist other NPO’s with support systems, training and tools.

e) To provide relief to the community in the event of a disaster.

f) The organisation will be run according to Christian principles.